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Home remedies from herbal teas and grocery foods dissolve kidney stones and reverse renal failure

Home remedies from herbal teas and grocery foods dissolve kidney stones and reverse renal failure


The juice of fresh lemons helps dissolve certain types of kidney stones, CITRONJUICE

Drinking apple cider vinegar adjusts the body's pH and helps to establish an alkaline-forming state in the urine. Uric acid, the chemical responsible for the formation of gout crystals and urate kidney stones cannot crystallize in alkaline urine. ÄPPELCIDERVINÄGER

cranberry juice has found its place in the medical world as an effective treatment for both preventing kidney stones and relieving a variety of urinary tract disorders, according to the British Journal of Urology. TRANBÄR
Both parsley and dandelion have exceptional medicinal properties that relieve urinary tract disorders. Both herbs are natural diuretics, stimulating urinary output and flushing the system of waste materials that contribute to the formation of kidney stones. They remove toxins, cleanse the kidneys, dissolve uric acid, and create an alkaline-forming environment in the kidneys and bladder, helping urine maintain a neutral or slightly alkaline pH. PERSILJA och MASKROS.

Marshmallow root is known for treating urethritis and helping to flush kidney stones. (Atlhea Radix)

Buchu is used to relive inflammation of the urinary tract and possesses antibacterial properties. As a tea, it helps with treatment of the kidneys, relieves cystitis, and acts as a diuretic 
Agathosma betulina.

Making tea with Chinese rhubarb can reverse end-stage kidney disease and prolong life by slowing down the progression of renal failure.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037765_kidney_stones_herbal_teas_home_remedies.html#ixzz2MZB14LvQ
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